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Whittaker–Hill equation


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1: 28.32 Mathematical Applications
§28.32(ii) Paraboloidal Coordinates
is separated in this system, each of the separated equations can be reduced to the WhittakerHill equation (28.31.1), in which A , B are separation constants. …
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  • 3: 28.31 Equations of Whittaker–Hill and Ince
    §28.31 Equations of WhittakerHill and Ince
    §28.31(i) WhittakerHill Equation
    and constant values of A , B , k , and c , is called the Equation of WhittakerHill. …
    4: 28.34 Methods of Computation
  • (f)

    Asymptotic approximations by zeros of orthogonal polynomials of increasing degree. See Volkmer (2008). This method also applies to eigenvalues of the WhittakerHill equation28.31(i)) and eigenvalues of Lamé functions (§29.3(i)).

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