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1: Donald St. P. Richards
Richards has published numerous papers on special functions of matrix argument, harmonic analysis, multivariate statistical analysis, probability inequalities, and applied probability. He is editor of the book Hypergeometric Functions on Domains of Positivity, Jack Polynomials, and Applications, published by the American Mathematical Society in 1992, and coeditor of Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis: A Conference in Honor of R. A. Kunze (with T. …
2: 15.17 Mathematical Applications
§15.17(iii) Group Representations
For harmonic analysis it is more natural to represent hypergeometric functions as a Jacobi function (§15.9(ii)). …Harmonic analysis can be developed for the Jacobi transform either as a generalization of the Fourier-cosine transform (§1.14(ii)) or as a specialization of a group Fourier transform. …
3: Tom H. Koornwinder
Koornwinder has published numerous papers on special functions, harmonic analysis, Lie groups, quantum groups, computer algebra, and their interrelations, including an interpretation of Askey–Wilson polynomials on quantum SU(2), and a five-parameter extension (the Macdonald–Koornwinder polynomials) of Macdonald’s polynomials for root systems BC. …
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  • 10: 10.73 Physical Applications
    Bessel functions first appear in the investigation of a physical problem in Daniel Bernoulli’s analysis of the small oscillations of a uniform heavy flexible chain. … Consequently, Bessel functions J n ( x ) , and modified Bessel functions I n ( x ) , are central to the analysis of microwave and optical transmission in waveguides, including coaxial and fiber. … Bessel functions enter in the study of the scattering of light and other electromagnetic radiation, not only from cylindrical surfaces but also in the statistical analysis involved in scattering from rough surfaces. … With the spherical harmonic Y , m ( θ , ϕ ) defined as in §14.30(i), the solutions are of the form f = g ( k ρ ) Y , m ( θ , ϕ ) with g = 𝗃 , 𝗒 , 𝗁 ( 1 ) , or 𝗁 ( 2 ) , depending on the boundary conditions. … The analysis of the current distribution in circular conductors leads to the Kelvin functions ber x , bei x , ker x , and kei x . …