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About the Project

Project Staff

Photograph of Staff
Figure 1: Editorial Board and Associate Editors (photo taken at 3rd Editors Meeting, April, 2001)

§ Editorial Board

Frank W. J. Olver served as Editor-in-Chief and Mathematics Editor for the DLMF project from its beginning until his death on April 23, 2013.

§ Associate Editors

§ Principal Developers

§ Contributing Developers

§ Chapter Authors

§ Chapter Validators

§ Consultants and Assistants

Tomara Arrington (NIST), Jonathon M. Borwein (Dalhousie University), Frédéric Chyzak (INRIA), Bruce R. Fabijonas (Southern Methodist University and NIST), Michael Fancher (NIST), Charles R. Hagwood (NIST), Raghu N. Kacker (NIST), Peter M. Ketcham (NIST), Peter J. Mohr (NIST), David R. Penn (NIST), Sandy Ressler (NIST), Christopher Schanzle (NIST), Nell Sedransk (NIST), Herre Wiersma (Dalhousie University).

§ Interns

Brianna Blaser, Elaine Kim, Grace Chu, Stuart Fletcher, Sheehan Olver, Shauntia Burley, Michael Huber, Gaurav Thakur.