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1: 16.8 Differential Equations
§16.8(i) Classification of Singularities
An ordinary point of the differential equation …If z 0 is not an ordinary point but ( z z 0 ) n j f j ( z ) , j = 0 , 1 , , n 1 , are analytic at z = z 0 , then z 0 is a regular singularity. …
2: 2.7 Differential Equations
An ordinary point of the differential equation …All solutions are analytic at an ordinary point, and their Taylor-series expansions are found by equating coefficients. …
3: 9.15 Mathematical Applications
Airy functions play an indispensable role in the construction of uniform asymptotic expansions for contour integrals with coalescing saddle points, and for solutions of linear second-order ordinary differential equations with a simple turning point. …
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  • 7: 3.7 Ordinary Differential Equations
    §3.7 Ordinary Differential Equations
    Consideration will be limited to ordinary linear second-order differential equationsFor an introduction to numerical methods for ordinary differential equations, see Ascher and Petzold (1998), Hairer et al. (1993), and Iserles (1996). …
    §3.7(v) Runge–Kutta Method
    An extensive literature exists on the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations by Runge–Kutta, multistep, or other methods. …
    8: 1.18 Linear Second Order Differential Operators and Eigenfunction Expansions
    §1.18(v) Point Spectra and Eigenfunction Expansions
    Assume T has no point spectrum, i. … Then, for z \ , f N z iff f is an ordinary solution (i. … A boundary value for the end point a is a linear form on 𝒟 ( ) of the form …Boundary values and boundary conditions for the end point b are defined in a similar way. …
    9: 22.19 Physical Applications
    θ being the angular displacement from the point of stable equilibrium, θ = 0 . … for the initial conditions θ ( 0 ) = 0 , the point of stable equilibrium for E = 0 , and d θ ( t ) / d t = 2 E . …
    §22.19(iii) Nonlinear ODEs and PDEs
    Many nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations have solutions that may be expressed in terms of Jacobian elliptic functions. … The classical rotation of rigid bodies in free space or about a fixed point may be described in terms of elliptic, or hyperelliptic, functions if the motion is integrable (Audin (1999, Chapter 1)). …
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