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1: 1.14 Integral Transforms
Laplace Transform
2: 16.15 Integral Representations and Integrals
§16.15 Integral Representations and Integrals
For these and other formulas, including double Mellin–Barnes integrals, see Erdélyi et al. (1953a, §5.8). These representations can be used to derive analytic continuations of the Appell functions, including convergent series expansions for large x , large y , or both. For inverse Laplace transforms of Appell functions see Prudnikov et al. (1992b, §3.40).
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  • 7: 10.22 Integrals
    Other Double Products
    §10.22(v) Hankel Transform
    The Hankel transform (or Bessel transform) of a function f ( x ) is defined as … The following two formulas are generalizations of the Hankel transform. …This is the Weber transform. …