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10 Bessel FunctionsSpherical Bessel Functions

§10.59 Integrals

10.59.1 -eibtjn(t)dt={πinPn(b),-1<b<1,12π(±i)n,b=±1,0,±b>1,

where Pn is the Legendre polynomial (§18.3).

For an integral representation of the Dirac delta in terms of a product of spherical Bessel functions of the first kind see §1.17(ii), and for a generalization see Maximon (1991).

Additional integrals can be obtained by combining the definitions (10.47.3)–(10.47.9) with the results given in §10.22 and §10.43. For integrals of products see also Mehrem et al. (1991).