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10 Bessel FunctionsModified Bessel Functions

§10.26 Graphics


§10.26(i) Real Order and Variable

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Figure 10.26.1: I0(x), I1(x), K0(x), K1(x), 0x3. Magnify
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Figure 10.26.2: e-xI0(x), e-xI1(x), exK0(x), exK1(x), 0x10. Magnify
Figure 10.26.3: Iν(x), 0x5, 0ν4. Magnify
Figure 10.26.4: Kν(x), 0.1x5, 0ν4. Magnify
Figure 10.26.5: Iν(x), 0x5, 0ν4. Magnify
Figure 10.26.6: Kν(x), 0.3x5, 0ν4. Magnify

§10.26(ii) Real Order, Complex Variable

Apply (10.27.6) and (10.27.8) to §10.3(ii).

§10.26(iii) Imaginary Order, Real Variable

For the notation, see §10.45.

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Figure 10.26.7: I~1/2(x), K~1/2(x), 0.01x3. Magnify
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Figure 10.26.8: I~1(x), K~1(x), 0.01x3. Magnify
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Figure 10.26.9: I~5(x), K~5(x), 0.01x3. Magnify
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Figure 10.26.10: K~5(x), 0.01x3. Magnify