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1: 27.22 Software
  • Maple. isprime combines a strong pseudoprime test and a Lucas pseudoprime test. ifactor uses cfrac27.19) after exhausting trial division. Brent–Pollard rho, Square Forms Factorization, and ecm are available also; see §27.19.

  • Mathematica. PrimeQ combines strong pseudoprime tests for the bases 2 and 3 and a Lucas pseudoprime test. No known composite numbers pass these three tests, and Bleichenbacher (1996) has shown that this combination of tests proves primality for integers below 10 16 . Provable PrimeQ uses the Atkin–Goldwasser–Kilian–Morain Elliptic Curve Method to prove primality. FactorInteger tries Brent–Pollard rho, Pollard p 1 , and then cfrac after trial division. See §27.19. ecm is available also, and the Multiple Polynomial Quadratic sieve is expected in a future release.

    For additional Mathematica routines for factorization and primality testing, including several different pseudoprime tests, see Bressoud and Wagon (2000).

  • 2: Charles W. Clark
     Taylor), published by Plenum Press in 1988, and Atoms in Strong Fields (with M. …
    3: 17.12 Bailey Pairs
    Strong Bailey Lemma
    4: Philip J. Davis
    In 1957, Davis took over as Chief, Numerical Analysis Section when John Todd and his wife Olga Taussky-Todd, feeling a strong pull toward teaching and research, left to pursue full-time positions at the California Institute of Technology. …
    5: Bibliography I
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  • 6: Bibliography D
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  • 7: Bibliography G
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