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1: 24.17 Mathematical Applications
§24.17(ii) Spline Functions
The members of 𝒮 n are called cardinal spline functions. The functions
24.17.3 S n ( x ) = E ~ n ( x + 1 2 n + 1 2 ) E ~ n ( 1 2 n + 1 2 ) , n = 0 , 1 , ,
Bernoulli Monosplines
2: 3.11 Approximation Techniques
The set of all the polynomials defines a function, the spline, on [ a , b ] . … For many applications a spline function is a more adaptable approximating tool than the Lagrange interpolation polynomial involving a comparable number of parameters; see §3.3(i), where a single polynomial is used for interpolating f ( x ) on the complete interval [ a , b ] . Multivariate functions can also be approximated in terms of multivariate polynomial splines. …
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  • 4: 3.3 Interpolation
    §3.3(vi) Other Interpolation Methods
    For Hermite interpolation, trigonometric interpolation, spline interpolation, rational interpolation (by using continued fractions), interpolation based on Chebyshev points, and bivariate interpolation, see Bulirsch and Rutishauser (1968), Davis (1975, pp. 27–31), and Mason and Handscomb (2003, Chapter 6). … For interpolation of a bounded function f on the cardinal function of f is defined by …is called the Sinc function. …
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