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  • 2: 1.6 Vectors and Vector-Valued Functions
    In either case … The geometrical image C of a path 𝐜 is called a simple closed curve if 𝐜 is one-to-one, with the exception 𝐜 ( a ) = 𝐜 ( b ) . …
    Green’s Theorem
    otherwise, one is the negative of the other. …
    Green’s Theorem (for Volume)
    3: 1.18 Linear Second Order Differential Operators and Eigenfunction Expansions
    Example 1: In one and two dimensions any q ( x ) with a ‘Dip, or Well’ has a partly discrete spectrum
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  • 6: 22.19 Physical Applications
    With appropriate scalings, Newton’s equation of motion for a pendulum with a mass in a gravitational field constrained to move in a vertical plane at a fixed distance from a fulcrum is … Classical motion in one dimension is described by Newton’s equation … Two types of oscillatory motion are possible. For an initial displacement with 1 / β | a | < 2 / β , bounded oscillations take place near one of the two points of stable equilibrium x = ± 1 / β . … Whittaker (1964, Chapter IV) enumerates the complete class of one-body classical mechanical problems that are solvable this way. …
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  • 8: 1.2 Elementary Algebra
    The last two equations require a j > 0 for all j . … For matrices 𝐀 , 𝐁 and 𝐂 of the same dimensions, … distributive if 𝐁 and 𝐂 have the same dimensionsTwo vectors 𝐮 and 𝐯 are orthogonal if … and for the corresponding eigenvectors one has to solve the linear system …