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26 Combinatorial AnalysisComputation

§26.22 Software

In this section we provide links to the research literature describing the implementation of algorithms in software for the evaluation of functions described in this chapter. Also included are websites operated by university departments and consortia, research institutions, and peer-reviewed journals. Citations in the bulleted list refer to sources from which research software can be found and downloaded via the Web. References to research software that is available in other ways is listed separately.

A more complete list of available software for computing these functions is found in the Software Index.

  • Combinatorial Object Server (website).

  • GAP (website). A system for computational discrete algebra.

  • Inverse Symbolic Calculator (website).

  • Magma (website). A computational algebra system.

  • On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (website).

  • RISC Combinatorics Group (website).

  • Stony Brook Algorithm Repository (website).

  • World Combinatorics Exchange (website).

For algorithms for counting and analyzing combinatorial structures see Knuth (1993), Nijenhuis and Wilf (1975), and Stanton and White (1986).