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14 Legendre and Related FunctionsComputation

§14.34 Software


§14.34(i) Introduction

In this section we provide links to the research literature describing the implementation of algorithms in software for the evaluation of functions described in this chapter. Citations in bulleted lists refer to papers for which research software has been made available and can be downloaded via the Web. References to research software that is available in other ways is listed separately.

A more complete list of available software for computing these functions is found in the Software Index. For another listing of Web-accessible software for the functions in this chapter, see GAMS Class C9.

§14.34(ii) Legendre Functions: Real Argument and Parameters

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  • Gil and Segura (1997). Integer and half-integer parameters. Fortran.

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  • Olver and Smith (1983). Integer order. Fortran.

  • Schneider et al. (2010). Integer parameters. Fortran.

See also Gautschi (1965).

§14.34(iii) Legendre Functions: Complex Argument and/or Parameters

  • Gil and Segura (1998). Integer parameters and purely imaginary arguments. Fortran.

§14.34(iv) Conical (Mehler) and/or Toroidal Functions

  • Kölbig (1981). Fortran.

  • Gil and Segura (2001). Fortran.