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9 Airy and Related FunctionsAiry Functions

§9.3 Graphics


§9.3(i) Real Variable

See accompanying text
Figure 9.3.1: Ai(x), Bi(x), M(x). For M(x) see §9.8(i). Magnify
See accompanying text
Figure 9.3.2: Ai(x), Bi(x), N(x). For N(x) see §9.8(i). Magnify

§9.3(ii) Complex Variable

In the graphics shown in this subsection, height corresponds to the absolute value of the function and color to the phase. See also About Color Map.

Figure 9.3.3: Ai(x+iy). Magnify
Figure 9.3.4: Bi(x+iy). Magnify
Figure 9.3.5: Ai(x+iy). Magnify
Figure 9.3.6: Bi(x+iy). Magnify