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11: 1.10 Functions of a Complex Variable
§1.10(i) Taylor’s Theorem for Complex Variables
Analytic continuation is a powerful aid in establishing transformations or functional equations for complex variables, because it enables the problem to be reduced to: (a) deriving the transformation (or functional equation) with real variables; followed by (b) finding the domain on which the transformed function is analytic. …
12: 19.16 Definitions
When one variable is 0 without destroying convergence, any one of (19.16.14)–(19.16.17) is said to be complete and can be written as an R -function with one less variable: …
13: Bibliography F
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  • 14: 10.73 Physical Applications
    and on separation of variables we obtain solutions of the form e ± i n ϕ e ± κ z J n ( κ r ) , from which a solution satisfying prescribed boundary conditions may be constructed. … On separation of variables into cylindrical coordinates, the Bessel functions J n ( x ) , and modified Bessel functions I n ( x ) and K n ( x ) , all appear. …
    15: Annie A. M. Cuyt
    A lot of her research has been devoted to rational approximations, in one as well as in many variables, and sparse interpolation. …
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  • 17: 18.2 General Orthogonal Polynomials
    It is assumed throughout this chapter that for each polynomial p n ( x ) that is orthogonal on an open interval ( a , b ) the variable x is confined to the closure of ( a , b ) unless indicated otherwise. (However, under appropriate conditions almost all equations given in the chapter can be continued analytically to various complex values of the variables.) …
    18: Mathematical Introduction
    Special functions with one real variable are depicted graphically with conventional two-dimensional (2D) line graphs. …
    19: 36.12 Uniform Approximation of Integrals
    In the cuspoid case (one integration variable) …
    20: 9.14 Incomplete Airy Functions
    Incomplete Airy functions are defined by the contour integral (9.5.4) when one of the integration limits is replaced by a variable real or complex parameter. …