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1: 13.27 Mathematical Applications
§13.27 Mathematical Applications
Confluent hypergeometric functions are connected with representations of the group of third-order triangular matrices. … …
2: 1.3 Determinants, Linear Operators, and Spectral Expansions
Determinants of Upper/Lower Triangular and Diagonal Matrices
3: 1.2 Elementary Algebra
Multiplication of Matrices
§1.2(vi) Square Matrices
Special Forms of Square Matrices
Norms of Square Matrices
Non-Defective Square Matrices
4: 3.2 Linear Algebra
This yields a lower triangular matrix of the form …If we denote by 𝐔 the upper triangular matrix comprising the elements u j k in (3.2.3), then we have the factorization, or triangular decomposition, … We solve the system 𝐀 𝛿 𝐱 = 𝐫 for 𝛿 𝐱 , taking advantage of the existing triangular decomposition of 𝐀 to obtain an improved solution 𝐱 + 𝛿 𝐱 . … Tridiagonal matrices are ones in which the only nonzero elements occur on the main diagonal and two adjacent diagonals. … The p -norm of a matrix 𝐀 = [ a j k ] is …