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1: 26.19 Mathematical Applications
§26.19 Mathematical Applications
Partitions and plane partitions have applications to representation theory (Bressoud (1999), Macdonald (1995), and Sagan (2001)) and to special functions (Andrews et al. (1999) and Gasper and Rahman (2004)). Other areas of combinatorial analysis include graph theory, coding theory, and combinatorial designs. These have applications in operations research, probability theory, and statistics. …
2: 6.17 Physical Applications
§6.17 Physical Applications
Geller and Ng (1969) cites work with applications from diffusion theory, transport problems, the study of the radiative equilibrium of stellar atmospheres, and the evaluation of exchange integrals occurring in quantum mechanics. …Lebedev (1965) gives an application to electromagnetic theory (radiation of a linear half-wave oscillator), in which sine and cosine integrals are used.
3: 32.16 Physical Applications
Statistical physics, especially classical and quantum spin models, has proved to be a major area for research problems in the modern theory of Painlevé transcendents. … For the Ising model see Barouch et al. (1973), Wu et al. (1976), and McCoy et al. (1977). … For applications in string theory see Seiberg and Shih (2005).
4: 27.17 Other Applications
There are also applications of number theory in many diverse areas, including physics, biology, chemistry, communications, and art. Schroeder (2006) describes many of these applications, including the design of concert hall ceilings to scatter sound into broad lateral patterns for improved acoustic quality, precise measurements of delays of radar echoes from Venus and Mercury to confirm one of the relativistic effects predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and the use of primes in creating artistic graphical designs.
5: 18.38 Mathematical Applications
§18.38(i) Classical OP’s: Numerical Analysis
Approximation Theory
Complex Function Theory
Random Matrix Theory
Coding Theory
6: 27.18 Methods of Computation: Primes
An analytic approach using a contour integral of the Riemann zeta function (§25.2(i)) is discussed in Borwein et al. (2000). …
7: 27.1 Special Notation
§27.1 Special Notation
d , k , m , n

positive integers (unless otherwise indicated).

8: 27 Functions of Number Theory
Chapter 27 Functions of Number Theory
9: Brian R. Judd
Judd’s books include Operator Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy, published by McGraw-Hill in 1963 and reprinted by Princeton University Press in 1998, Second Quantization and Atomic Spectroscopy, published by Johns Hopkins in 1967, Topics in Atomic and Nuclear Theory (with J. … Elliott), published by Caxton Press in 1971, and Angular Momentum Theory for Diatomic Molecules, published by Academic Press in 1975. …
10: Ian J. Thompson
 1953 in New Zealand) has been since 2006 a Theoretical Nuclear Physicist in the Nuclear Theory and Modeling Group of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California. … Thompson has published papers on special functions, and numerous papers in theoretical nuclear physics, especially in scattering theory. …