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1: 27.5 Inversion Formulas
§27.5 Inversion Formulas
which, in turn, is the basis for the Möbius inversion formula relating sums over divisors: … Special cases of Möbius inversion pairs are: … Other types of Möbius inversion formulas include: …
2: 12.16 Mathematical Applications
PCFs are also used in integral transforms with respect to the parameter, and inversion formulas exist for kernels containing PCFs. …
3: 35.2 Laplace Transform
Inversion Formula
4: 24.5 Recurrence Relations
§24.5(iii) Inversion Formulas
5: 20.9 Relations to Other Functions
The relations (20.9.1) and (20.9.2) between k and τ (or q ) are solutions of Jacobi’s inversion problem; see Baker (1995) and Whittaker and Watson (1927, pp. 480–485). …
6: 20.11 Generalizations and Analogs
7: Bibliography R
  • I. S. Reed, D. W. Tufts, X. Yu, T. K. Truong, M. T. Shih, and X. Yin (1990) Fourier analysis and signal processing by use of the Möbius inversion formula. IEEE Trans. Acoustics, Speech, Signal Processing 38, pp. 458–470.
  • 8: 18.18 Sums
    §18.18(iv) Connection and Inversion Formulas
    9: 4.24 Inverse Trigonometric Functions: Further Properties
    §4.24(iii) Addition Formulas
    10: 2.5 Mellin Transform Methods
    The inversion formula is given by …