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1: 3.6 Linear Difference Equations
Then w n is said to be a recessive (equivalently, minimal or distinguished) solution as n , and it is unique except for a constant factor. … …
2: Ronald F. Boisvert
His research interests include numerical solution of partial differential equations, mathematical software, and information services that support computational science. … He was named an ACM Distinguished Scientist in 2006, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2016.
3: Frank W. J. Olver
He is particularly known for his extensive work in the study of the asymptotic solution of differential equations, i. …, the behavior of solutions as the independent variable, or some parameter, tends to infinity, and in the study of the particular solutions of differential equations known as special functions (e. … Department of Commerce Gold Medal, the highest honorary award granted by the Department, and was inducted into the NIST Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Scientists, Engineers, and Administrators. …