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diffraction of light


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1: Sidebar 7.SB1: Diffraction from a Straightedge
Photograph of light diffracted by a straightedge. …
2: 7.21 Physical Applications
§7.21 Physical Applications
Fresnel integrals and Cornu’s spiral occurred originally in the analysis of the diffraction of light; see Born and Wolf (1999, §8.7). …
3: 7.3 Graphics
See accompanying text
Figure 7.3.3: Fresnel integrals C ( x ) and S ( x ) , 0 x 4 . Magnify
4: Bibliography B
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  • 5: 9.16 Physical Applications
     Airy on the intensity of light in the neighborhood of a caustic (Airy (1838, 1849)). … Examples dealing with the propagation of light and with radiation of electromagnetic waves are given in Landau and Lifshitz (1962). Extensive use is made of Airy functions in investigations in the theory of electromagnetic diffraction and radiowave propagation (Fock (1965)). …A quite different application is made in the study of the diffraction of sound pulses by a circular cylinder (Friedlander (1958)). …
    6: Bibliography N
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