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Weniger transformation


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1: 3.9 Acceleration of Convergence
§3.9(v) Levin’s and Weniger’s Transformations
In Weniger’s transformations the numbers c j , k , n in (3.9.13) are chosen as follows: …
2: Bibliography W
  • E. J. Weniger (1989) Nonlinear sequence transformations for the acceleration of convergence and the summation of divergent series. Computer Physics Reports 10 (5-6), pp. 189–371.
  • E. J. Weniger (1996) Computation of the Whittaker function of the second kind by summing its divergent asymptotic series with the help of nonlinear sequence transformations. Computers in Physics 10 (5), pp. 496–503.
  • 3: 2.11 Remainder Terms; Stokes Phenomenon
    §2.11(vi) Direct Numerical Transformations
    For a comprehensive survey see Weniger (1989). The following example, based on Weniger (1996), illustrates their power. … However, direct numerical transformations need to be used with care. …