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About the Project

T. Mark Dunster

Photograph of T. Mark Dunster

Mark Dunster (b. 1959 in Eastleigh, U.K.) is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, San Diego State University, California. He received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 1986 from Bristol University, U.K. He has received a number of National Science Foundation grants, and has published numerous papers in the areas of uniform asymptotic solutions of differential equations, convergent WKB methods, special functions, quantum mechanics, and scattering theory.

Dunster is author of the following DLMF Chapter

Dunster served as a Validator for the original release and publication in May 2010 of the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions and the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions.

In November 2015, Dunster was named Associate Editor for his chapter.