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About the Project

Robb J. Muirhead

Statistical Research and Consulting Center, Pfizer Global R&D
Photograph of Robb J. Muirhead

Robb J. Muirhead (b. 1946 in Adelaide, South Australia) is Senior Director, Statistical Research and Consulting Center, Pfizer Global R&D, New London, Connecticut. His degrees of B.Sc. in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Statistics were awarded by the University of Adelaide in 1967 and 1970, respectively.

Muirhead’s main research interests are multivariate statistical analysis, statistical modeling, Bayesian statistics, and pharmaceutical statistics. His book Aspects of Multivariate Statistical Theory was published by John Wiley & Sons in 1982.

Muirhead was elected a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 1994. He is also an elected Fellow of the Institute for Mathematical Statistics, and an elected Member of the International Statistical Institute.

Muirhead served as a Validator for the original release and publication in May 2010 of the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions and the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions.