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1: Howard S. Cohl
In this regard, he has been exploring mathematical knowledge management and the digital expression of mostly unambiguous context-free full semantic information for mathematical formulae.
2: Preface
The new DLMF (Digital Library of Mathematical Functions) will appear in a hardcover edition and as a free electronic publication on the World Wide Web. …
3: Notices
Other than the information described above which is collected from all visitors, we do not collect any information online from children. …
  • Index of Selected Software Within the DLMF Chapters

    Within each of the DLMF chapters themselves we will provide a list of research software for the functions discussed in that chapter. The purpose of these listings is to provide references to the research literature on the engineering of software for special functions. To qualify for listing, the development of the software must have been the subject of a research paper published in the peer-reviewed literature. If such software is available online for free download we will provide a link to the software.

    In general, we will not index other software within DLMF chapters unless the software is unique in some way, such as being the only known software for computing a particular function.

  • 4: About the Project
    The results have been published in book form as the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions, by Cambridge University Press, and disseminated in the free electronic Digital Library of Mathematical Functions. … Whereas before the project had Editors and Associate Editors, it now has Editors, Senior Associate Editors, and Associate Editors. … They were selected as recognized leaders in the research communities interested in the mathematics and applications of special functions and orthogonal polynomials; in the presentation of mathematics reference information online and in handbooks; and in the presentation of mathematics on the web. …
    5: Bibliography N
  • M. Neher (2007) Complex standard functions and their implementation in the CoStLy library. ACM Trans. Math. Softw. 33 (1), pp. Article 2.
  • NetNUMPAC (free Fortran library)
  • NMS (free collection of Fortran subroutines)
  • H. M. Nussenzveig (1992) Diffraction Effects in Semiclassical Scattering. Montroll Memorial Lecture Series in Mathematical Physics, Cambridge University Press.
  • 6: 19.13 Integrals of Elliptic Integrals
    Cvijović and Klinowski (1994) contains fractional integrals (with free parameters) for F ( ϕ , k ) and E ( ϕ , k ) , together with special cases. …
    7: Bille C. Carlson
    This symmetry led to the development of symmetric elliptic integrals, which are free from the transformations of modulus and amplitude that complicate the Legendre theory. … In Symmetry in c, d, n of Jacobian elliptic functions (2004) he found a previously hidden symmetry in relations between Jacobian elliptic functions, which can now take a form that remains valid when the letters c, d, and n are permuted. …
    8: 31.14 General Fuchsian Equation
    The three sets of parameters comprise the singularity parameters a j , the exponent parameters α , β , γ j , and the N - 2 free accessory parameters q j . With a 1 = 0 and a 2 = 1 the total number of free parameters is 3 N - 3 . …
    9: 5.20 Physical Applications
    Suppose the potential energy of a gas of n point charges with positions x 1 , x 2 , , x n and free to move on the infinite line - < x < , is given by … For n charges free to move on a circular wire of radius 1 , …
    10: 16.10 Expansions in Series of F q p Functions
    Here α , β , and γ are free real or complex parameters. …