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with other orthogonal polynomials


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1: 16.7 Relations to Other Functions
§16.7 Relations to Other Functions
2: 18.21 Hahn Class: Interrelations
§18.21 Hahn Class: Interrelations
Hahn Jacobi
Meixner Laguerre
Charlier Hermite
See accompanying text
Figure 18.21.1: Askey scheme. … Magnify
3: 18.7 Interrelations and Limit Relations
§18.7 Interrelations and Limit Relations
Legendre, Ultraspherical, and Jacobi
Jacobi Laguerre
Laguerre Hermite
See §18.11(ii) for limit formulas of Mehler–Heine type.
4: 18.26 Wilson Class: Continued
§18.26(i) Representations as Generalized Hypergeometric Functions and Dualities
§18.26(ii) Limit Relations
See also Figure 18.21.1. …
§18.26(iv) Generating Functions
5: 18.11 Relations to Other Functions
6: 18.20 Hahn Class: Explicit Representations
§18.20(ii) Hypergeometric Function and Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
7: 18.5 Explicit Representations
§18.5(iii) Finite Power Series, the Hypergeometric Function, and Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
8: 18.37 Classical OP’s in Two or More Variables
Definition in Terms of Jacobi Polynomials
9: 15.9 Relations to Other Functions
§15.9(i) Orthogonal Polynomials
10: 13.18 Relations to Other Functions
§13.18(v) Orthogonal Polynomials