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1: 22.19 Physical Applications
§22.19(iv) Tops
2: 16.2 Definition and Analytic Properties
Suppose first one or more of the top parameters a j is a nonpositive integer. … However, when one or more of the top parameters a j is a nonpositive integer the series terminates and the generalized hypergeometric function is a polynomial in z . …
3: 18.40 Methods of Computation
The bottom and top of the steps at the x i are lower and upper bounds to a x i d μ ( x ) as made explicit via the Chebyshev inequalities discussed by Shohat and Tamarkin (1970, pp. 42–43). …
4: Bibliography
  • M. Audin (1999) Spinning Tops: A Course on Integrable Systems. Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, Vol. 51, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • 5: 16.4 Argument Unity
    The last condition is equivalent to the sum of the top parameters plus 2 equals the sum of the bottom parameters, that is, the series is 2-balanced. …
    6: 18.27 q -Hahn Class
    The generic (top level) cases are the q -Hahn polynomials and the big q -Jacobi polynomials, each of which depends on three further parameters. …