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1: 1.16 Distributions
The linear space of all test functions with the above definition of convergence is called a test function space. … … The space 𝒯 ( ) of test functions for tempered distributions consists of all infinitely-differentiable functions such that the function and all its derivatives are O ( | x | - N ) as | x | for all N . … For tempered distributions the space of test functions 𝒯 n is the set of all infinitely-differentiable functions ϕ of n variables that satisfy …Tempered distributions are continuous linear functionals on this space of test functions. …
2: Software Index
Open Source With Book Commercial
4.48(v) Testing
‘✓’ indicates that a software package implements the functions in a section; ‘a’ indicates available functionality through optional or add-on packages; an empty space indicates no known support. … In the list below we identify four main sources of software for computing special functions. …
  • Commercial Software.

    Such software ranges from a collection of reusable software parts (e.g., a library) to fully functional interactive computing environments with an associated computing language. Such software is usually professionally developed, tested, and maintained to high standards. It is available for purchase, often with accompanying updates and consulting support.

  • The following are web-based software repositories with significant holdings in the area of special functions. …
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