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1: 7.8 Inequalities
The function F ( x ) / 1 e 2 x 2 is strictly decreasing for x > 0 . …
2: 1.4 Calculus of One Variable
§1.4(i) Monotonicity
Similarly for nonincreasing and decreasing (strictly decreasing) functions. Each of the preceding four cases is classified as monotonic; sometimes strictly monotonic is used for the strictly increasing or strictly decreasing cases. …
3: 18.16 Zeros
Then θ n , m is strictly increasing in α and strictly decreasing in β ; furthermore, if α = β , then θ n , m is strictly increasing in α . …
4: 26.12 Plane Partitions
A plane partition, π , of a positive integer n , is a partition of n in which the parts have been arranged in a 2-dimensional array that is weakly decreasing (nonincreasing) across rows and down columns. … A strict shifted plane partition is an arrangement of the parts in a partition so that each row is indented one space from the previous row and there is weak decrease across rows and strict decrease down columns. … A descending plane partition is a strict shifted plane partition in which the number of parts in each row is strictly less than the largest part in that row and is greater than or equal to the largest part in the next row. …