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1: Robb J. Muirhead
Muirhead’s main research interests are multivariate statistical analysis, statistical modeling, Bayesian statistics, and pharmaceutical statistics. …
2: 35.9 Applications
§35.9 Applications
In multivariate statistical analysis based on the multivariate normal distribution, the probability density functions of many random matrices are expressible in terms of generalized hypergeometric functions of matrix argument F q p , with p 2 and q 1 . … For other statistical applications of F q p functions of matrix argument see Perlman and Olkin (1980), Groeneboom and Truax (2000), Bhaumik and Sarkar (2002), Richards (2004) (monotonicity of power functions of multivariate statistical test criteria), Bingham et al. (1992) (Procrustes analysis), and Phillips (1986) (exact distributions of statistical test criteria). …
3: Donald St. P. Richards
Richards has published numerous papers on special functions of matrix argument, harmonic analysis, multivariate statistical analysis, probability inequalities, and applied probability. …
4: 10.73 Physical Applications
Bessel functions enter in the study of the scattering of light and other electromagnetic radiation, not only from cylindrical surfaces but also in the statistical analysis involved in scattering from rough surfaces. …
5: Ingram Olkin
Olkin’s research covered a broad range of areas, including multivariate analysis, reliability theory, matrix theory, statistical models in the social and behavioral sciences, life distributions, and meta-analysis. … Marshall), published by Academic Press in 1979, Statistical Methods for Meta-Analysis (with L. …
6: Bibliography
  • S. V. Aksenov, M. A. Savageau, U. D. Jentschura, J. Becher, G. Soff, and P. J. Mohr (2003) Application of the combined nonlinear-condensation transformation to problems in statistical analysis and theoretical physics. Comput. Phys. Comm. 150 (1), pp. 1–20.
  • 7: 8.24 Physical Applications
    §8.24(ii) Incomplete Beta Functions
    The function I x ( a , b ) appears in: Monte Carlo sampling in statistical mechanics (Kofke (2004)); analysis of packings of soft or granular objects (Prellberg and Owczarek (1995)); growth formulas in cosmology (Hamilton (2001)). …
    8: Javier Segura
     1965 in Novelda, Spain) is professor of mathematical analysis at the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computation, University of Cantabria, Spain. …
    9: Bibliography C
  • A. G. Constantine (1963) Some non-central distribution problems in multivariate analysis. Ann. Math. Statist. 34 (4), pp. 1270–1285.
  • 10: 26.19 Mathematical Applications
    Combinatorics has applications to analysis, algebra, and geometry. … Other areas of combinatorial analysis include graph theory, coding theory, and combinatorial designs. These have applications in operations research, probability theory, and statistics. …