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1: 24.17 Mathematical Applications
§24.17(ii) Spline Functions
Euler Splines
The functions …are called Euler splines of degree n . …
Bernoulli Monosplines
2: Publications
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  • 3: 3.11 Approximation Techniques
    §3.11(vi) Splines
    Splines are defined piecewise and usually by low-degree polynomials. …By taking more derivatives into account, the smoothness of the spline will increase. … A complete spline results by composing several Bézier curves. …See Knuth (1986, pp. 116-136).
    4: 3.3 Interpolation
    §3.3(vi) Other Interpolation Methods
    For Hermite interpolation, trigonometric interpolation, spline interpolation, rational interpolation (by using continued fractions), interpolation based on Chebyshev points, and bivariate interpolation, see Bulirsch and Rutishauser (1968), Davis (1975, pp. 27–31), and Mason and Handscomb (2003, Chapter 6). …
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