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spherical harmonics


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  • 13: 15.17 Mathematical Applications
    §15.17(iii) Group Representations
    For harmonic analysis it is more natural to represent hypergeometric functions as a Jacobi function (§15.9(ii)). …First, as spherical functions on noncompact Riemannian symmetric spaces of rank one, but also as associated spherical functions, intertwining functions, matrix elements of SL ( 2 , ) , and spherical functions on certain nonsymmetric Gelfand pairs. Harmonic analysis can be developed for the Jacobi transform either as a generalization of the Fourier-cosine transform (§1.14(ii)) or as a specialization of a group Fourier transform. …
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  • 15: 18.39 Physical Applications
    For a harmonic oscillator, the potential energy is given by … when this is solved by separation of variables in spherical coordinates (§1.5(ii)). …
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