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11: 1.17 Integral and Series Representations of the Dirac Delta
In applications in physics and engineering, the Dirac delta distribution1.16(iii)) is historically and customarily replaced by the Dirac delta (or Dirac delta function) δ ( x ) . … (1.17.22)–(1.17.24) are special cases of Morse and Feshbach (1953a, Eq. (6.3.11)). …
12: DLMF Project News
error generating summary
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  • 14: 7.20 Mathematical Applications
    The spiral has several special properties (see Temme (1996b, p. 184)). … The normal distribution function with mean m and standard deviation σ is given by …For applications in statistics and probability theory, also for the role of the normal distribution functions (the error functions and probability integrals) in the asymptotics of arbitrary probability density functions, see Johnson et al. (1994, Chapter 13) and Patel and Read (1982, Chapters 2 and 3).
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  • 16: Notices
    Limited copying and internal distribution of the content of these pages is permitted for research and teaching. Reproduction, copying, or distribution for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. … The DLMF wishes to provide users of special functions with essential reference information related to the use and application of special functions in research, development, and education. Using special functions in applications often requires computing them. …
  • Master Software Index

    In association with the DLMF we will provide an index of all software for the computation of special functions covered by the DLMF. It is our intention that this will become an exhaustive list of sources of software for special functions. In each case we will maintain a single link where readers can obtain more information about the listed software. We welcome requests from software authors (or distributors) for new items to list.

    Note that here we will only include software with capabilities that go beyond the computation of elementary functions in standard precisions since such software is nearly universal in scientific computing environments.

  • 17: 16.23 Mathematical Applications
    In Janson et al. (1993) limiting distributions are discussed for the sparse connected components of these graphs, and the asymptotics of three F 2 2 functions are applied to compute the expected value of the excess. … Many combinatorial identities, especially ones involving binomial and related coefficients, are special cases of hypergeometric identities. …
    18: 14.30 Spherical and Spheroidal Harmonics
    Special Values
    Distributional Completeness
    The special class of spherical harmonics Y l , m ( θ , ϕ ) , defined by (14.30.1), appear in many physical applications. …
    19: Preface
    Boisvert and Clark were responsible for advising and assisting in matters related to the use of information technology and applications of special functions in the physical sciences (and elsewhere); they also participated in the resolution of major administrative problems when they arose. … Miller was responsible for information architecture, specializing LaTeX for the needs of the project, translation from LaTeX to MathML, and the search interface. … The project was funded in part by NSF Award 9980036, administered by the NSF’s Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence Program. …
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