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1: 16.24 Physical Applications
The 3 j symbols, or Clebsch–Gordan coefficients, play an important role in the decomposition of reducible representations of the rotation group into irreducible representations. …
2: 29.18 Mathematical Applications
§29.18(iv) Other Applications
Patera and Winternitz (1973) finds bases for the rotation group.
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  • 5: DLMF Project News
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    6: Philip J. Davis
    Davis joined the Section as part of a distinguished group of researchers studying mathematical methods for exploiting the new computational power. … After receiving an overview of the project and watching a short demo that included a few preliminary colorful, but static, 3D graphs constructed for the first Chapter, “Airy and Related Functions”, written by Olver, Davis expressed the hope that designing a web-based resource would allow the team to incorporate interesting computer graphics, such as function surfaces that could be rotated and examined. … DLMF users can rotate, rescale, zoom and otherwise explore mathematical function surfaces. …
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