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relations to Bessel functions of matrix argument


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1: 35.6 Confluent Hypergeometric Functions of Matrix Argument
§35.6(iii) Relations to Bessel Functions of Matrix Argument
2: 35.9 Applications
These references all use results related to the integral formulas (35.4.7) and (35.5.8). …
3: 35.8 Generalized Hypergeometric Functions of Matrix Argument
§35.8 Generalized Hypergeometric Functions of Matrix Argument
§35.8(i) Definition
Convergence Properties
§35.8(ii) Relations to Other Functions
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  • 7: Software Index
    ‘✓’ indicates that a software package implements the functions in a section; ‘a’ indicates available functionality through optional or add-on packages; an empty space indicates no known support. … In the list below we identify four main sources of software for computing special functions. …
  • Open Source Collections and Systems.

    These are collections of software (e.g. libraries) or interactive systems of a somewhat broad scope. Contents may be adapted from research software or may be contributed by project participants who donate their services to the project. The software is made freely available to the public, typically in source code form. While formal support of the collection may not be provided by its developers, within active projects there is often a core group who donate time to consider bug reports and make updates to the collection.

  • Commercial Software.

    Such software ranges from a collection of reusable software parts (e.g., a library) to fully functional interactive computing environments with an associated computing language. Such software is usually professionally developed, tested, and maintained to high standards. It is available for purchase, often with accompanying updates and consulting support.

  • Guide to Available Mathematical Software

    A cross index of mathematical software in use at NIST.

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