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11: 36 Integrals with Coalescing Saddles
… …
12: Brian R. Judd
… …  Dieke Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. … Judd is an Honorary Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford University, and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. …
13: Ian J. Thompson
He was previously Professor in the Department of Physics, University of Surrey at Guildford, U. … Thompson has published papers on special functions, and numerous papers in theoretical nuclear physics, especially in scattering theory. … Institute of Physics. …
14: 19.35 Other Applications
§19.35(ii) Physical
15: 29.19 Physical Applications
§29.19 Physical Applications
16: Funding
  • Physical Measurement Laboratory (formerly Physics Laboratory)

  • 17: 15.18 Physical Applications
    §15.18 Physical Applications
    18: 25.17 Physical Applications
    §25.17 Physical Applications
    19: 26.20 Physical Applications
    §26.20 Physical Applications
    20: Michael V. Berry
    … … is Melville Wills Professor (emertitus) (homepage) in the Physics Department of the University of Bristol, U. … Berry has published numerous papers on theoretical physics, mainly in quantum mechanics and optics and including the development of associated mathematics, especially asymptotics and geometry. Berry has received many awards for his work in physics. …