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1: 24.18 Physical Applications
§24.18 Physical Applications
Bernoulli polynomials appear in statistical physics (Ordóñez and Driebe (1996)), in discussions of Casimir forces (Li et al. (1991)), and in a study of quark-gluon plasma (Meisinger et al. (2002)). Euler polynomials also appear in statistical physics as well as in semi-classical approximations to quantum probability distributions (Ballentine and McRae (1998)).
2: 32.16 Physical Applications
§32.16 Physical Applications
Statistical Physics
Statistical physics, especially classical and quantum spin models, has proved to be a major area for research problems in the modern theory of Painlevé transcendents. …
3: Gloria Wiersma
… …  1937 in Washington, DC) joined the NIST staff in 1973, where she occupied various positions providing support for the Physics Laboratory until 1993. Then she began working with the staff of the Physics Laboratory Office of Electronic Commerce in Scientific and Engineering Data, developing and refining the Laboratory website until her retirement in 2007. …
4: 6.17 Physical Applications
§6.17 Physical Applications
5: Charles W. Clark
… … He is also Physical Sciences Editor for the DLMF project. …in mathematics and physics from Western Washington University, and a Ph. …in physics from the University of Chicago. … He has served as Chair of the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics of the APS, Chair of the Physics Section of the AAAS, and as Program Manager for Atomic, Molecular, and Quantum Physics at the U. …
6: 11.12 Physical Applications
§11.12 Physical Applications
7: Leonard C. Maximon
… …  2020) was a Research Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics at The George Washington University. …He was also an Associate Editor for Physics for the DLMF project. Maximon published numerous papers on the fundamental processes of quantum electrodynamics and on the special functions of mathematical physics. He is also coauthor for the Encyclopedia of Physics, published by the Wiley Publishing Company. …
8: 7.21 Physical Applications
§7.21 Physical Applications
The error functions, Fresnel integrals, and related functions occur in a variety of physical applications. … Ng and Geller (1969) cites work with applications from atomic physics and astrophysics. …
9: 8.24 Physical Applications
§8.24 Physical Applications
The function γ ( a , x ) appears in: discussions of power-law relaxation times in complex physical systems (Sornette (1998)); logarithmic oscillations in relaxation times for proteins (Metzler et al. (1999)); Gaussian orbitals and exponential (Slater) orbitals in quantum chemistry (Shavitt (1963), Shavitt and Karplus (1965)); population biology and ecological systems (Camacho et al. (2002)). …
10: 17.17 Physical Applications
§17.17 Physical Applications
They were given this name because they play a role in quantum physics analogous to the role of Lie groups and special functions in classical mechanics. …