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1: 31.10 Integral Equations and Representations
§31.10 Integral Equations and Representations
Kernel Functions
For suitable choices of the branches of the P -symbols in (31.10.9) and the contour C , we can obtain both integral equations satisfied by Heun functions, as well as the integral representations of a distinct solution of Heun’s equation in terms of a Heun function (polynomial, path-multiplicative solution). …
Kernel Functions
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  • 3: 9.12 Scorer Functions
    The general solution is given by …Standard particular solutions are …where …
    §9.12(vii) Integral Representations
    4: 9.13 Generalized Airy Functions
    Reid (1972) and Drazin and Reid (1981, Appendix) introduce the following contour integrals in constructing approximate solutions to the Orr–Sommerfeld equation for fluid flow: … Connection formulas for the solutions of (9.13.31) include …
    5: 16.25 Methods of Computation
    Methods for computing the functions of the present chapter include power series, asymptotic expansions, integral representations, differential equations, and recurrence relations. …There is, however, an added feature in the numerical solution of differential equations and difference equations (recurrence relations). This occurs when the wanted solution is intermediate in asymptotic growth compared with other solutions. …
    6: 15.17 Mathematical Applications
    The logarithmic derivatives of some hypergeometric functions for which quadratic transformations exist (§15.8(iii)) are solutions of Painlevé equations. … …
    §15.17(iii) Group Representations
    By considering, as a group, all analytic transformations of a basis of solutions under analytic continuation around all paths on the Riemann sheet, we obtain the monodromy group. These monodromy groups are finite iff the solutions of Riemann’s differential equation are all algebraic. …
    7: 15.19 Methods of Computation
    As noted in §3.7(ii), the integration path should be chosen so that the wanted solution grows in magnitude at least as fast as all other solutions. …
    §15.19(iii) Integral Representations
    The representation (15.6.1) can be used to compute the hypergeometric function in the sector | ph ( 1 - z ) | < π . …
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  • 9: 28.28 Integrals, Integral Representations, and Integral Equations
    §28.28 Integrals, Integral Representations, and Integral Equations
    §28.28(i) Equations with Elementary Kernels
    §28.28(ii) Integrals of Products with Bessel Functions
    §28.28(iv) Integrals of Products of Mathieu Functions of Integer Order
    §28.28(v) Compendia
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