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1: 5.20 Physical Applications
Elementary Particles
Carlitz (1972) describes the partition function of dense hadronic matter in terms of a gamma function. …
2: Bibliography C
  • R. D. Carlitz (1972) Hadronic matter at high density. Phys. Rev. D 5 (12), pp. 3231–3242.
  • 3: Guide to Searching the DLMF
    Wildcards allow matching patterns and marking parts of an expression that don’t matter (as for example, which variable name the author uses for a function): … If you don’t specify the font style or font accessories in the query, the style and accessories won’t matter in the search, but if you specify them, they will matter. …
    4: Bille C. Carlson
    The foregoing matters are discussed in Carlson’s book Special Functions of Applied Mathematics, published by Academic Press in 1977. …
    5: Preface
    Boisvert and Clark were responsible for advising and assisting in matters related to the use of information technology and applications of special functions in the physical sciences (and elsewhere); they also participated in the resolution of major administrative problems when they arose. …
    6: Bibliography H
  • A. J. S. Hamilton (2001) Formulae for growth factors in expanding universes containing matter and a cosmological constant. Monthly Notices Roy. Astronom. Soc. 322 (2), pp. 419–425.