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general orthogonal polynomials


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1: 18.2 General Orthogonal Polynomials
§18.2 General Orthogonal Polynomials
Orthogonality on Intervals
§18.2(ii) x -Difference Operators
§18.2(v) Christoffel–Darboux Formula
2: Wolter Groenevelt
Groenevelt has research interests in special functions, (matrix valued) orthogonal polynomials, moment problems, generalized Fourier transforms in relations with mathematical objects such as Lie algebras, quantum groups and affine Hecke algebras. …
3: Bibliography I
  • M. E. H. Ismail (2000a) An electrostatics model for zeros of general orthogonal polynomials. Pacific J. Math. 193 (2), pp. 355–369.
  • 4: 18.40 Methods of Computation
    However, for applications in which the OP’s appear only as terms in series expansions (compare §18.18(i)) the need to compute them can be avoided altogether by use instead of Clenshaw’s algorithm (§3.11(ii)) and its straightforward generalization to OP’s other than Chebyshev. …
    5: Richard A. Askey
    6: 18.30 Associated OP’s
    Associated Jacobi Polynomials
    7: Howard S. Cohl
    Cohl has published papers in orthogonal polynomials and special functions, and is particularly interested in fundamental solutions of linear partial differential equations on Riemannian manifolds, associated Legendre functions, generalized and basic hypergeometric functions, eigenfunction expansions of fundamental solutions in separable coordinate systems for linear partial differential equations, orthogonal polynomial generating function and generalized expansions, and q -series. …
    8: 16.7 Relations to Other Functions
    §16.7 Relations to Other Functions
    9: 18.5 Explicit Representations
    §18.5(iii) Finite Power Series, the Hypergeometric Function, and Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
    10: 18.26 Wilson Class: Continued
    §18.26(i) Representations as Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
    §18.26(iv) Generating Functions