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1: 10.73 Physical Applications
Bessel functions enter in the study of the scattering of light and other electromagnetic radiation, not only from cylindrical surfaces but also in the statistical analysis involved in scattering from rough surfaces. … …
§10.73(ii) Spherical Bessel Functions
Accordingly, the spherical Bessel functions appear in all problems in three dimensions with spherical symmetry involving the scattering of electromagnetic radiation. …
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  • 5: 28.33 Physical Applications
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  • 6: 9.16 Physical Applications
    Within classical physics, they appear prominently in physical optics, electromagnetism, radiative transfer, fluid mechanics, and nonlinear wave propagation. Examples dealing with the propagation of light and with radiation of electromagnetic waves are given in Landau and Lifshitz (1962). Extensive use is made of Airy functions in investigations in the theory of electromagnetic diffraction and radiowave propagation (Fock (1965)). … A study of the semiclassical description of quantum-mechanical scattering is given in Ford and Wheeler (1959a, b). In the case of the rainbow, the scattering amplitude is expressed in terms of Ai ( x ) , the analysis being similar to that given originally by Airy (1838) for the corresponding problem in optics. …
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