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eigenvalue/eigenvector characterization


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1: 16.24 Physical Applications
Generalized hypergeometric functions and Appell functions appear in the evaluation of the so-called Watson integrals which characterize the simplest possible lattice walks. …
2: Guide to Searching the DLMF
To find more effectively the information you need, especially equations, you may at times wish to specify what you want with descriptive words that characterize the contents but do not occur literally. …
3: Bibliography
  • S. Ahmed and M. E. Muldoon (1980) On the zeros of confluent hypergeometric functions. III. Characterization by means of nonlinear equations. Lett. Nuovo Cimento (2) 29 (11), pp. 353–358.
  • 4: 3.5 Quadrature
    §3.5(vi) Eigenvalue/Eigenvector Characterization of Gauss Quadrature Formulas
    5: Bibliography S
  • T. Shiota (1986) Characterization of Jacobian varieties in terms of soliton equations. Invent. Math. 83 (2), pp. 333–382.
  • 6: 16.4 Argument Unity
    The characterizing properties (18.22.2), (18.22.10), (18.22.19), (18.22.20), and (18.26.14) of the Hahn and Wilson class polynomials are examples of the contiguous relations mentioned in the previous three paragraphs. …