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diffusion equations


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1: 20.13 Physical Applications
with κ = - i π / 4 . For τ = i t , with α , t , z real, (20.13.1) takes the form of a real-time t diffusion equation …Theta-function solutions to the heat diffusion equation with simple boundary conditions are discussed in Lawden (1989, pp. 1–3), and with more general boundary conditions in Körner (1989, pp. 274–281). …
2: 28.33 Physical Applications
  • McLachlan (1947, Chapters XVI–XIX) for applications of the wave equation to vibrational systems, electrical and thermal diffusion, electromagnetic wave guides, elliptical cylinders in viscous fluids, and diffraction of sound and electromagnetic waves.

  • 3: Bibliography K
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  • 4: 10.73 Physical Applications
    §10.73(ii) Spherical Bessel Functions
    For applications of the Rayleigh function σ n ( ν ) 10.21(xiii)) to problems of heat conduction and diffusion in liquids see Kapitsa (1951a).