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1: 23.21 Physical Applications
§23.21 Physical Applications
§23.21(i) Classical Dynamics
In §22.19(ii) it is noted that Jacobian elliptic functions provide a natural basis of solutions for problems in Newtonian classical dynamics with quartic potentials in canonical form ( 1 x 2 ) ( 1 k 2 x 2 ) . …
2: William P. Reinhardt
This is closely connected with his interests in classical dynamical “chaos,” an area where he coauthored a book, Chaos in atomic physics with Reinhold Blümel. …
3: 22.19 Physical Applications
§22.19(i) Classical Dynamics: The Pendulum
§22.19(ii) Classical Dynamics: The Quartic Oscillator
§22.19(v) Other Applications
Numerous other physical or engineering applications involving Jacobian elliptic functions, and their inverses, to problems of classical dynamics, electrostatics, and hydrodynamics appear in Bowman (1953, Chapters VII and VIII) and Lawden (1989, Chapter 5). …
4: 18.39 Applications in the Physical Sciences
As in classical dynamics this sum is the total energy of the one particle system. …
5: 32.16 Physical Applications
§32.16 Physical Applications
Statistical physics, especially classical and quantum spin models, has proved to be a major area for research problems in the modern theory of Painlevé transcendents. …
Integrable Continuous Dynamical Systems
6: 9.16 Physical Applications
Airy functions are applied in many branches of both classical and quantum physics. … The frequent appearances of the Airy functions in both classical and quantum physics is associated with wave equations with turning points, for which asymptotic (WKBJ) solutions are exponential on one side and oscillatory on the other. …Within classical physics, they appear prominently in physical optics, electromagnetism, radiative transfer, fluid mechanics, and nonlinear wave propagation. … In fluid dynamics, Airy functions enter several topics. … The KdV equation and solitons have applications in many branches of physics, including plasma physics lattice dynamics, and quantum mechanics. …
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