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1: 1.4 Calculus of One Variable
Chain Rule
L’Hôpital’s Rule
2: Bibliography
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  • 3: 1.5 Calculus of Two or More Variables
    Chain Rule
    4: 17.12 Bailey Pairs
    When (17.12.5) is iterated the resulting infinite sequence of Bailey pairs is called a Bailey Chain. … The Bailey pair and Bailey chain concepts have been extended considerably. …
    5: 10.73 Physical Applications
    §10.73(i) Bessel and Modified Bessel Functions
    Bessel functions first appear in the investigation of a physical problem in Daniel Bernoulli’s analysis of the small oscillations of a uniform heavy flexible chain. …
    6: 3.5 Quadrature
    §3.5(i) Trapezoidal Rules
    The composite trapezoidal rule is …
    §3.5(ii) Simpson’s Rule
    §3.5(iv) Interpolatory Quadrature Rules
    7: 3.8 Nonlinear Equations
    §3.8(ii) Newton’s Rule
    Newton’s rule is given by … Another iterative method is Halley’s rule: …The rule converges locally and is cubically convergent. …
    8: 8.25 Methods of Computation
    See Allasia and Besenghi (1987b) for the numerical computation of Γ ( a , z ) from (8.6.4) by means of the trapezoidal rule. … A numerical inversion procedure is also given for calculating the value of x (with 10S accuracy), when a and P ( a , x ) are specified, based on Newton’s rule3.8(ii)). …
    9: 9.17 Methods of Computation
    The trapezoidal rule3.5(i)) is then applied. … Zeros of the Airy functions, and their derivatives, can be computed to high precision via Newton’s rule3.8(ii)) or Halley’s rule3.8(v)), using values supplied by the asymptotic expansions of §9.9(iv) as initial approximations. …
    10: About MathML
    As a general rule, using the latest available version of your chosen browser, plugins and an updated operating system is helpful. …