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1: 24.1 Special Notation
Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials
The origin of the notation B n , B n ( x ) , is not clear. …
Euler Numbers and Polynomials
Its coefficients were first studied in Euler (1755); they were called Euler numbers by Raabe in 1851. The notations E n , E n ( x ) , as defined in §24.2(ii), were used in Lucas (1891) and Nörlund (1924). …
2: 3.6 Linear Difference Equations
For further information see Wimp (1984, Chapters 7–8), Cash and Zahar (1994), and Lozier (1980).
3: DLMF Project News
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4: Bibliography C
  • CAOP (website) Work Group of Computational Mathematics, University of Kassel, Germany.
  • L. Carlitz (1953) Some congruences for the Bernoulli numbers. Amer. J. Math. 75 (1), pp. 163–172.
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    9: Ronald F. Boisvert
    His research interests include numerical solution of partial differential equations, mathematical software, and information services that support computational science. … Department of Commerce Silver Medal for Meritorious Federal Service in 1992, the Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award in 2000, and the Keene State College Alumni Achievement Award in 2002. …
    10: Software Index
    Open Source With Book Commercial
    24.21(ii) B n , B n ( x ) , E n , E n ( x ) a Derive, MuPAD
    27 Functions of Number Theory
  • Research Software.

    This is software of narrow scope developed as a byproduct of a research project and subsequently made available at no cost to the public. The software is often meant to demonstrate new numerical methods or software engineering strategies which were the subject of a research project. When developed, the software typically contains capabilities unavailable elsewhere. While the software may be quite capable, it is typically not professionally packaged and its use may require some expertise. The software is typically provided as source code or via a web-based service, and no support is provided.

  • Open Source Collections and Systems.

    These are collections of software (e.g. libraries) or interactive systems of a somewhat broad scope. Contents may be adapted from research software or may be contributed by project participants who donate their services to the project. The software is made freely available to the public, typically in source code form. While formal support of the collection may not be provided by its developers, within active projects there is often a core group who donate time to consider bug reports and make updates to the collection.

  • Software Associated with Books.

    An increasing number of published books have included digital media containing software described in the book. Often, the collection of software covers a fairly broad area. Such software is typically developed by the book author. While it is not professionally packaged, it often provides a useful tool for readers to experiment with the concepts discussed in the book. The software itself is typically not formally supported by its authors.