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1: 17.16 Mathematical Applications
§17.16 Mathematical Applications
In Lie algebras Lepowsky and Milne (1978) and Lepowsky and Wilson (1982) laid foundations for extensive interaction with q -series. …
2: 1 Algebraic and Analytic Methods
Chapter 1 Algebraic and Analytic Methods
3: 21.10 Methods of Computation
  • Tretkoff and Tretkoff (1984). Here a Hurwitz system is chosen to represent the Riemann surface.

  • Deconinck and van Hoeij (2001). Here a plane algebraic curve representation of the Riemann surface is used.

  • 4: 29.17 Other Solutions
    §29.17(ii) Algebraic Lamé Functions
    Algebraic Lamé functions are solutions of (29.2.1) when ν is half an odd integer. They are algebraic functions of sn ( z , k ) , cn ( z , k ) , and dn ( z , k ) , and have primitive period 8 K . …
    5: Stephen M. Watt
    His areas of research include algorithms and systems for computer algebra, programming languages and compilers, mathematical handwriting recognition and mathematical document analysis. He was one of the original authors of the Maple and Axiom computer algebra systems, principal architect of the Aldor programming language and its compiler at IBM Research, and co-author of the MathML and InkML W3C standards. …
    6: 29 Lamé Functions
    7: 10 Bessel Functions
    8: 26.22 Software
  • GAP (website). A system for computational discrete algebra.

  • Magma (website). A computational algebra system.

  • 9: Bruce R. Miller
    While developing the supporting theories, he discovered a passion for symbolic computation and computer algebra. …There, he carried out research in non-linear dynamics and celestial mechanics, developing a specialized computer algebra system for high-order Lie transformations. …
    10: 18.42 Software
  • CAOP (website). Computer Algebra and Orthogonal Polynomials.