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Weierstrass elliptic functions


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11: 19.10 Relations to Other Functions
§19.10(i) Theta and Elliptic Functions
12: 23.3 Differential Equations
The lattice invariants are defined by … The lattice roots satisfy the cubic equation …The discriminant1.11(ii)) is given by …
§23.3(ii) Differential Equations and Derivatives
13: 23.6 Relations to Other Functions
§23.6(i) Theta Functions
§23.6(ii) Jacobian Elliptic Functions
§23.6(iii) General Elliptic Functions
§23.6(iv) Elliptic Integrals
14: 23.9 Laurent and Other Power Series
§23.9 Laurent and Other Power Series
15: William P. Reinhardt
16: 23.14 Integrals
§23.14 Integrals
17: 20.9 Relations to Other Functions
§20.9(ii) Elliptic Functions and Modular Functions
See §§22.2 and 23.6(i) for the relations of Jacobian and Weierstrass elliptic functions to theta functions. …
18: 23.8 Trigonometric Series and Products
§23.8(i) Fourier Series
§23.8(ii) Series of Cosecants and Cotangents
where in (23.8.4) the terms in n and - n are to be bracketed together (the Eisenstein convention or principal value: see Weil (1999, p. 6) or Walker (1996, p. 3)). …
§23.8(iii) Infinite Products
19: 23.11 Integral Representations
§23.11 Integral Representations
20: 22.1 Special Notation