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Romberg integration


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1: 3.5 Quadrature
§3.5(iii) Romberg Integration
Further refinements are achieved by Romberg integration. …With the Romberg scheme successive terms c 1 h 2 , c 2 h 4 , , in (3.5.9) are eliminated, according to the formula … When f C , the Romberg method affords a means of obtaining high accuracy in many cases with a relatively simple adaptive algorithm. … See Davis and Rabinowitz (1984, pp. 440–441) for modifications of the Romberg method when the function f is singular. …
2: 19.13 Integrals of Elliptic Integrals
§19.13(i) Integration with Respect to the Modulus
§19.13(ii) Integration with Respect to the Amplitude
3: Alexander A. Its
Current research areas of Its are mathematical physics, special functions, and integrable systems. …  Novokshënov), published by Springer in 1986, Algebro-geometric Approach to Nonlinear Integrable Problems (with E. …
4: Vadim B. Kuznetsov
Kuznetsov published papers on special functions and orthogonal polynomials, the quantum scattering method, integrable discrete many-body systems, separation of variables, Bäcklund transformation techniques, and integrability in classical and quantum mechanics. …
5: 9.14 Incomplete Airy Functions
Incomplete Airy functions are defined by the contour integral (9.5.4) when one of the integration limits is replaced by a variable real or complex parameter. …
6: Alexander I. Bobenko
Bobenko’s books are Algebro-geometric Approach to Nonlinear Integrable Problems (with E. … Eitner), published by Springer in 2000, and Discrete Differential Geometry: Integrable Structure (with Y. …He is also coeditor of Discrete Integrable Geometry and Physics (with R. …
7: 32.16 Physical Applications
Integrable Continuous Dynamical Systems
8: 36.15 Methods of Computation
§36.15(iii) Integration along Deformed Contour
§36.15(iv) Integration along Finite Contour
9: Simon Ruijsenaars
His main research interests cover integrable systems, special functions, analytic difference equations, classical and quantum mechanics, and the relations between these areas. …
10: Funding
  • Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications Program of the Engineering Laboratory (formerly Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory)