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Mobius inversion


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1: 27.17 Other Applications
§27.17 Other Applications
Reed et al. (1990, pp. 458–470) describes a number-theoretic approach to Fourier analysis (called the arithmetic Fourier transform) that uses the Möbius inversion (27.5.7) to increase efficiency in computing coefficients of Fourier series. …
2: 27.5 Inversion Formulas
which, in turn, is the basis for the Möbius inversion formula relating sums over divisors: … Special cases of Möbius inversion pairs are: … Other types of Möbius inversion formulas include: … For a general theory of Möbius inversion with applications to combinatorial theory see Rota (1964).
3: 27.6 Divisor Sums
Generating functions, Euler products, and Möbius inversion are used to evaluate many sums extended over divisors. …
4: Bibliography R
  • I. S. Reed, D. W. Tufts, X. Yu, T. K. Truong, M. T. Shih, and X. Yin (1990) Fourier analysis and signal processing by use of the Möbius inversion formula. IEEE Trans. Acoustics, Speech, Signal Processing 38, pp. 458–470.