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Liouville–Green approximation theorem


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1: 2.7 Differential Equations
§2.7(iii) LiouvilleGreen (WKBJ) Approximation
For irregular singularities of nonclassifiable rank, a powerful tool for finding the asymptotic behavior of solutions, complete with error bounds, is as follows:
LiouvilleGreen Approximation Theorem
By approximatingThe first of these references includes extensions to complex variables and reversions for zeros. …
2: 2.9 Difference Equations
§2.9(iii) Other Approximations
For asymptotic approximations to solutions of second-order difference equations analogous to the Liouville--Green (WKBJ) approximation for differential equations (§2.7(iii)) see Spigler and Vianello (1992, 1997) and Spigler et al. (1999). …
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  • 5: 3.8 Nonlinear Equations
    For real functions f ( x ) the sequence of approximations to a real zero ξ will always converge (and converge quadratically) if either: … Inverse linear interpolation (§3.3(v)) is used to obtain the first approximation: … Initial approximations to the zeros can often be found from asymptotic or other approximations to f ( z ) , or by application of the phase principle or Rouché’s theorem; see §1.10(iv). … … For describing the distribution of complex zeros of solutions of linear homogeneous second-order differential equations by methods based on the Liouville-Green (WKB) approximation, see Segura (2013). …
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  • 8: 27.2 Functions
    §27.2(i) Definitions
    (See Gauss (1863, Band II, pp. 437–477) and Legendre (1808, p. 394).) This result, first proved in Hadamard (1896) and de la Vallée Poussin (1896a, b), is known as the prime number theorem. … If ( a , n ) = 1 , then the Euler–Fermat theorem states that … This is Liouville’s function. …
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  • 10: 27.4 Euler Products and Dirichlet Series
    The fundamental theorem of arithmetic is linked to analysis through the concept of the Euler product. …
    27.4.7 n = 1 λ ( n ) n - s = ζ ( 2 s ) ζ ( s ) , s > 1 ,