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Liouville–Green (or WKBJ) approximation


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1: 2.7 Differential Equations
§2.7(iii) LiouvilleGreen (WKBJ) Approximation
For irregular singularities of nonclassifiable rank, a powerful tool for finding the asymptotic behavior of solutions, complete with error bounds, is as follows:
LiouvilleGreen Approximation Theorem
The first of these references includes extensions to complex variables and reversions for zeros. …
2: 2.9 Difference Equations
§2.9(iii) Other Approximations
For asymptotic approximations to solutions of second-order difference equations analogous to the LiouvilleGreen (WKBJ) approximation for differential equations (§2.7(iii)) see Spigler and Vianello (1992, 1997) and Spigler et al. (1999). …
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  • 7: 3.8 Nonlinear Equations
    For describing the distribution of complex zeros of solutions of linear homogeneous second-order differential equations by methods based on the LiouvilleGreen (WKB) approximation, see Segura (2013). …
    8: 2.8 Differential Equations with a Parameter
    For connection formulas for LiouvilleGreen approximations across these transition points see Olver (1977b, a, 1978). …
    9: 10.21 Zeros
    For describing the distribution of complex zeros by methods based on the LiouvilleGreen (WKB) approximation for linear homogeneous second-order differential equations, see Segura (2013). …
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